En Suite

bathroom en suite

An en suite bathroom or “in the room” bathroom always ensures convenience and style. Having a bathroom in your room is really comforting, because you don’t need to leave your room to use the shower or to prepare for work or school.

Moreover, an en suite bathroom can also serve as your powder room. You can achieve these when you remodel your bathroom. Whether you want or need your own en suite bathroom, Launceston Bathroom Renovations has everything covered.

Our comprehensive services can cater both residential and commercial clients in Launceston and in nearby areas. Our expert bathroom fitters possess the necessary skill set to build your dream en suite bathroom.

Now that you have decided on a bathroom renovation, the question is: do you know what step to take next? If you haven’t the slightest idea where to begin, allow Launceston Bathroom Renovations to help you. 

Here are some of our recommended tips for those who want to elevate their en suite bathroom:

  • Freeing up some more space – opt for sliding doors instead of attached doors, and choose wall cabinets or floating shelves. Choosing these can save you up more space.
  • Making your bathroom seem bigger – only pick tiles that have neutral or lighter tones such as white, light grey, off white, or cream. This will give your bathroom an illusion of a bigger space.
  • Improving bathroom lighting – in choosing windows, go for bigger ones or install additional windows at the top to welcome more natural skylight.

If you’re planning to upgrade your en suite bathroom, Launceston Bathroom Renovations is the name you can trust. Give our expert bathroom fitters today to get a free quotation.